North Coast Seed Building Studios Where Creative Ideas Grow in the NOPO Junction

North Coast Seed Building Studios


I was born in the deep northern woods of Vancouver Island in Canada, but grew up in the suburban sprawl of southern California. Now I stand firmly rooted between those two extremes in Portland, Oregon.

I’d rather be adventuring in the creative outdoors with my son Camper, but most of the time you’ll find me behind a desk making stuff. I make art, ads, and designs for myself and the best clients in the world.

Stay Wild Magazine


We travel around this whole planet, we go camping, we ride motorcycles, we slide down powerful waves & snow-covered mountains, we rip our clothes off for hot springs, we skate things that were never meant for skating, we make art where we’re not supposed to, and we get into all kinds of trouble just for the adventure of it.

Stay Wild is a free adventure magazine that brings the excitement of action sports and the beauty of outdoor lifestyles together in a way no other magazine can. Our large format full-color quarterly print product is available for free at your favorite camp/surf/skate/snow/motor/cycle/art/coffee shops and mailed to subscribers around the world. Our awesome monthly videos and exclusive web content is available here at and on our explosive social media lava flow.

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