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Scott Hewson

Scott Brian Hewson has found himself an artist after much failure and folly. Born and raised on Bainbridge Island, Washington where high school was a meandering haze of below average expectations, to the misdirection in various community colleges and eventual life changing adventures in Italy, San Fransisco and Bellingham WA, he aquired a skill, a direction and a belief! A belief in the transcendentnature of our own being and the ability of human nature to create!

Through his own creativity he now finds interest in the use and disuse of everyday consumer goods, and the nature of our own being that consumerismcreates. Landfills, junk piles, car wrecking yards, are a few of the subject mater used asthey sit on lands designated, and sometimes not designated for waste. The detritus thatoccupies industrial lands and much of our own visual landscape are the remnants of”things” used, to “objects” unwanted!  He’s decided on not just a value judgment but theidea that material waste is a linear progression of these goods/things to object-hood thatcan be seen as a transcendent progression; they are the objects that move linearly fromobject (raw form) to thing (functional form) to object (discarded form) and back to thing (recycled or salvaged form).

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