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Alexandria Oesch

Gratitude. Humility. Generosity. Compassion. Authenticity. Levity. Alexandria Oesch uses the canvas as a vehicle to express her philosophy of life. Nothing worth having comes easy, there are no shortcuts. Countless canvasses are painted and painted over again in a pursuit to capture and articulate what is in her head and heart. For Alex, painting is more than an artistic endeavor. It goes beyond a therapeutic exercise. Painting is as essential as breathing. For Alex, to live is to paint.

Nurtured throughout her life by the vast beauty and inherent wonder of the Pacific Northwest, Alex has always turned to nature as source of inspiration. Nature provides a perspective like nothing else can. A shock to the core of our being, where things begin to have order and make sense despite the chaos, and at times because of the chaos. To Alex, the beautiful and perfect simplicity of nature is intoxicating. Her work is her labor to communicate that order.

After having children, Alexandria’s relationship to art changed immensely. She found a patience and kindness towards herself and her process that was formerly unattainable. This maturation created a space in her life where art could dwell in healthy relationship with the rest of her identity. More than an end unto itself, art is the means by which Alex creates a common ground on which people may reintegrate their very separate existence.

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